Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

Principal: Drop-Off Service

I would just like to thank all of our parent volunteers for the fantastic work that they do in the mornings, collecting children from their cars and safely bringing them to the yard. I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone who uses this service when I say ‘Thank You.’

Please remember that this service is only available between 8.40-8.50 a.m. The volunteers will not take any children after the bell goes so you must park your car and bring your child to class if you arrive after 8.50 a.m.

Parents from Citywest Educate Together will be operating a similar service for their parents from now on. It is hoped that this will improve the traffic situation in the mornings. Some parents of Citywest & Saggart CNS children were used to waiting for our parent volunteers in the yellow boxes, which was fine but now that the other school will be using this in the mornings, this is no longer possible. If you arrive before 8.40 a.m. please do not park in the yellow box. Many thanks for your co-operation and I wish the parents of Citywest Together the very best with their new service.

Yellow Box